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General informations about Poland and Cracow

for investors, cooperatives, importers and exporters

every statistics and numbers are given for march 2005

Location: Middle-East Europe

Poland borders with:
» Russia/Kaliningrad
» Latvia
» Belorussia
» Ukraine
» Slovakia (EU)
» Czech Republic (EU)
» Germany (EU)

A member of European Union (since 2004). Eastern Polish border is also EU border (good for import/export).

Major seaports:
» Gdynia (north), Baltic Sea
» Gdansk (north), Baltic Sea
» Szczecin (northwest), Baltic Sea

Major airports:
» Warszawa, Okecie (WAW)
» Krakow, Balice (KRK)

Blue: Sea. Yellow: European Union. Green: Poland.

Population of Poland: 38,7 million
Capital City: Warsaw
Government: Republic

Currency: zloty (1 zl » 3 USD » 4 €)
GDP: 884,2 mln zl / yr
GDP increases: 5,3% in 2004

Major cities:
» Warsaw (1,6 mln)
» Lodz (0,8 mln)
» Cracow (0,7 mln)
» Wroclaw (0,6 mln)
» Poznan (0,5 mln)
» Gdansk (0,5 mln)
» Szczecin (0,4 mln)

Cracow: here is located The Academy. Cultural capital city of Poland, situated at southern part of the country. Good road connections to each major city in Poland. Close to Slask agglomeration (the biggest industry concentration).

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The Academy of Beauty-Art is located in Cracow, Poland

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