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Professional Cosmetics Courses Overview

Beauty Courses organized by The Academy of Beauty Art

Read to check, why is it?

  1. The cost is even 10 times lower than in western UE and USA.

    • Proffesional 40h course of Manicure, Gel UV, Nail Tips costs approximately:

      » United Kingdoom: ~800-1000 € (1000-1300 USD)
      » Germany: ~700-1100 € (900-1500 USD)
      » Poland: 250 € in The Academy of Beauty-Art

    • Full 160h beauty expert course with International Certificate costs:

      » United Kingdoom: ~4000-6500 € (5300-8600 USD)
      » Germany: ~3500-7000 € (4600-9300 USD)
      » Poland: 1150 € in The Academy of Beauty-Art

  2. Cosmetics in Poland has good image in the world.

    Cosmetics in Poland always had good image. It's taught to be natural and healthy - there are nowadays most respected features of beauty and wellness market. Polish Cosmetology's level is also much higher than in US/UE (see below).

  3. We prefer unique model of teaching.

    In other places, you're being taught of using cosmetic products of industries and shops - that's why in fact you do not become good beauty expert - you become just good seller of their products. The Academy of Beauty-Art Students are tought, how to understand universal cosmetical rules and how to apply them in professional career. There is no presentations, theoretical lessons are as short as it's possible. You practice every action using our stuff (it's free for you) and it takes more than 75% of time, couse our major priority is gaining skills.

  4. There is a lot of other advantages:

    » Small groups. 4-6 person per one goup.
    » Best teachers. Certified experts and famous gurus.
    » No classrooms. We learn in professional beauty salons.
    » Web promotion. Every graduate may be promoted at our websites.

Professional beauty courses overview

course, time

target remitee and main problems


4 days

Nonpros interested in gaining new skills and acquiring complex knowledge. Includes manicure, medicure, nail-art, uv gel nail enhancement,

250 €

Acrylic nails,
1 day

Pros working as nail artists, advanced course of acrylic nail enhancement. Full 10 hours of practice.

100 €

4 days

Nonpros interested in gaining new skills and acquiring complex knowledge. Prepares for make-up artist profession.

250 €

4 days

Pros working as mamake-up artists. Advanced course, includes photo session.

250 €

Practical Cosmetics,
2-4 months

Nonpros interested in gaining new skills and acquiring complex knowledge. Prepares for beautician profession.

1150 €

Approximately 1 PLN = 1/3 USD = 1/4 EURO

If you have any questions -

- Feel invited to write us: or simply use this mail form.

Remember, that we run our courses only in Cracow (Poland) and you must speak Polish if you would like to join our groups.

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