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The Academy of Beauty-Art

Exclusive Polish Industry of Professional Beauty

The Academy of Beauty-Art was founded in 1981 by Krystyna Lenczynska, certified cosmetology expert and famous Polish beauty wiz. Each month up to 30 person from all countries in the world come to Poland and graduate our professional training courses starting new, perspectival career of beauty expert. "Learn effectually, think creatively and form beauty" - it's out motto.

We are to share with Students our comprehensive knowledne about Beauty found in every women. We answer, how to discover it, expose it, enhance it, and finally delight with it in full magnificence. We are to make interests to become our Student's passion, because The Academy was created right for Them.

We are members of Polskie Stowarzyszenie Kosmetyczne (Polish Cosmetics Association), Cech Rzemiosl Roznych (Various Craft Guild), Malopolska Izba Rzemiosla i Przedsiebiorczosci (Little-Polish Union of Craftsmanship and Enterprise), Zwiazek Rzemiosla Polskiego (Polish Craft Union).

We are also importer, distributor and producer of cosmetic goods. That's why we encourage every foreign company to deal with us - it is lucrative and greatly profitable for both of us.

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